Why Hatzung Insurance?

insurancecirclechart_420x315Why Choose An Independent Agent?

Insurance is sold through three different means…through independent agents, captive agents, and direct through the internet.

Independent Agents

An independent agent has the ability to sell you products from multiple insurance companies. This means they can match your insurance needs with several products, and be able to offer you the best coverage value. At Hatzung Insurance, we are independent agents and work hard year round to ensure that we maintain current and in-depth knowledge about all of the insurance companies we represent.

We offer companies that are among the best values in the business, and who are proven financially strong and offer comprehensive coverage for all Business and Personal Insurance needs. The companies we represent also have excellent reputations for paying claims and for giving prompt courteous service.

The people at our agency are, simply put, very nice. They are well educated. They know insurance. If you have a question they don’t have the answer for, they’ll find out and get back to you – promptly.

We look forward to serving our customers for a long time to come.

Captive Agents

Captive Agents work for only one insurance company, and while they typically have in-depth knowledge about the products that particular company offers, if you don’t qualify, or if there are better values out there for your situation, they aren’t in a position to help you further.

Direct Purchase

Purchasing insurance directly yourself through the internet places the burden of knowledge on you, the buyer. Insurance companies all have various regulations and benefits, and it can be confusing to know the best route to go for your unique needs. If you choose to purchase insurance directly through the internet, be sure to do your homework and research all companies and industry trends thoroughly.