Autumn Newsletter

Happy Autumn and thanks again for choosing Hatzung Insurance. We’re trying to keep our newsletters simple by giving our customers brief updates on the agency as well as offering a couple links that are applicable to the season and your insurance coverage. We’re hoping you find the content useful to your insurance situation.

Please follow us on Instagram or Facebook. These are easy ways for us to communicate what’s going on at Hatzung Insurance and for you to contact us via Direct Messaging on the social media apps. You can also email us directly from and access company claim and billing information.

When your renewal(s) are processed we’ve been sending out renewal emails directly from Hatzung Insurance. In the last year we’ve added George Webster to our staff. George is handling our renewal program. We wanted to make sure we kept this in house so when you have a question regarding your renewal, please contact George or your agent.

We’ve received some good feedback from our previous newsletter. If you do not wish to receive it please email us and we will remove you from the email list.

Enjoy the beautiful Autumn colors!

Autumn Safety Tips

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